Welcome to the AquaGen Lab Web Site

photo of a fish

At the AquaGen Laboratory, we focus on the population genetics and conservation genetics of fish and other aquatic organisms. In addition, we use molecular genetic techniques to address ecological questions. We have primarily studied fish populations in the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest regions of the United States. We have also reached out to Alaska, Europe, and Siberia to study northern pike, to the Pacific Northwest to study salmonids, and to Thailand to study catfish. One of our researchers also specializes in studies of freshwater mussels. The links will lead you to information about current and past members of our laboratory, descriptions of current and recent research projects, and a listing of publications from our lab. AquaGen Laboratory was founded by Dr. Anne Kapuscinski, who is now at UC-Santa Cruz, and is now operated by long-time manager Loren Miller, [email protected], a MN Dept of Natural Resources Fisheries Research Scientist housed on the UMN-St. Paul campus.